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One Shark's Story


Fear is a constant factor any time you mention the word, "shark." Most reactions to helping sharks are, "Why? Why help one of these killing machines?" or even angry responses at best. If you saw a shark that was in need of assistance... on the very verge of death if someone didn't intervene what would you do?

Imagine yourself out on a boat, perhaps just enjoying the day when suddenly you see a shark breach the surface. At first you look up amazed to see the site. Only then do you realize upon second look, this shark needed help and fast.

That is exactly what happened on 24 March 2001! While out on their vessel the group, White Shark Adventures, came across a desperate Great White Shark. Somehow, this powerful creature had become entangled with a noose around it's body just behind it's gill slits. The group managed to film this unfortunate shark, but were unable to help. They could clearly see that the nylon rope around it's body was cutting into it's flesh. The shark almost seemed to beg for assistance, coming within close range to the side of the vessel. Yet there was nothing they could do at that time.

On 27 March 2001, White Shark Adventures were out at sea again. Once again the magnificent although helpless Great White Shark approached the vessel. It was growing weary being unable to eat due to the ever tightening grip of the nylon noose around it's body. This time White Shark Adventures was prepared to help! They were able to gain close enough access to the shark so that they could cut away the nylon robe entangling the shark. Finally freed, the shark swam off not to be seen again. 

Not many would do what White Shark Adventures did. Even some shark enthusiasts may fail to act when such an unforeseen event would appear. My hat's off to White Shark Adventures, for doing what many would not do. In an age when sharks are seen as man-eaters and things that horror movies are made of, it's not common to find someone who would work to save a shark. Fortunately for this shark... he came to the right boat.

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