Shark Anatomy

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  1. Dermal _____ are the tooth-like structures that cover the sharks body.
  2. A term used when referring to a baby shark.
  3. The male shark's paired reproductive organs found between the pelvic fins.
  4. They come in different shapes and sizes but everyone thinks of these when they hear the word shark.
  5. The forward projection of the head including the nose.
  6. A small area behind the eyes of many sharks. Some sharks use these to pump oxygenated water into the gills.
  7. An unpaired fin on the underside of some sharks near the tail, usually the smallest fin.
  8. Some sharks have these near their dorsal fins, the California Hornshark is named for them.


  1. The name of the fins on the back of the shark, both first and second.
  2. The ____ fin is another name for tail fin.
  3. Name of a popular shark movie. Also the structure within the mouth and contain the teeth.
  4. A Great White Shark's ____ makes it look like it's grinning.
  5. The _____ fins are the ones paired towards the front of the shark.
  6. The openings on the sides of the sharks head for expelling water from the gills.
  7. The tissue that shark's are composed of instead of bone.
  8. The opening between the pelvic fins.
  9. Although they have two, they are only used to smell and not for breathing.
  10. Sharks ____ come in different sizes and shapes. Some are round and black, others look similar to cats and have nictitating membranes.

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