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Anatomy of an Attack


Simple Precautions


The Do's and Don'ts:

Do: Become Informed BEFORE you enter the water. Find out what species of shark may inhabit the area where you intend to swim, dive or play. Learn about the sharks in that area, talk to local conservation officers or even the local fishermen who work near these fish on a day to day basis.

Do: Be alert. Keep an eye on your environment and be watchful of the activities of the other animal and fish species around you.

Do: Remain calm if you see an approaching shark while you are in the water. I know that sounds difficult, but the panicked thrashing of a scared swimmer is similar to the sound of wounded prey to a shark.

Don't: Swim in clouded water. This could be dangerous for many reasons, least of all shark attacks. In a clouded water situation a shark could easily miss an intended target of prey and strike a human near by.

Don't: Swim in early morning or late night conditions. Low light can cause a case of mistaken identity. Also, many species of sharks feed primarily in the twilight, night and early morning hours.

Don't: Swim at the mouth of a river where it empties into the ocean. This is a common feeding area for a number of sharks. Not to mention run off from nearby fisheries may entice sharks into the area.

Don't: Swim near a commercial fishing operation. Again, the runoff of the fish bycatch and byproducts emptied or spilled into the ocean water are like a ringing dinner bell to a hungry shark.

Don't: Swim alone. That should go without saying. Too many things could happen to someone swimming alone (even in a swimming pool).

Don't: Enter the water if you are bleeding or menstruating. Remember, many sharks can smell even small amounts of blood from quite a distance. To them, the smell of blood
means dinner is nearby.

Don't: Wear jewelry. The sparkle of the jewelry can entice sharks to investigate. To some sharks the sparkle of jewelry can appear the same as the reflective qualities of fish scales.
Again, I can not say it enough, BE INFORMED! Remember, you are entering THEIR HOME. Sharks are not "out to get" humans, they are simply functioning in the way nature intended.

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