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Anatomy of an Attack




September 2001 had been a summer for shark attacks here in the United States. Although global shark attacks are low in number; in part due to the media, these attacks fill our hearts with fear. Shark related fatalities are terrible losses, yet they are not reason to stop in efforts to protect the various shark species in need of our help.

Typically you may hear that you are more likely to be struck by lightening than to suffer a shark attack. While this is true, it does little to sway the instinct many have to fear sharks and even hate them.

Currently in the US alone, 5 adults have died this summer from bites of rabid bats. Not to mention the countless number of people who have died in car accidents and various other incidents - including attacks by "family dogs" and the like. In relation to these, shark attacks fall very low indeed on the list (if not completely at the bottom.)

Are sharks simply "out to get" any humans in the water? No. Sharks are simply functioning with their natural predatory behaviors and attacks are little more than a case of mistaken identity. Most shark attacks are non-fatal, and many are so minor they are not even reported.

So what can we do? Is there anything we can do to avoid shark attacks or avoid being in a situation which may lead to an attack?

Yes! There are things we can do to minimize the risk of an attack. Number one is BEING INFORMED. Please follow me on a journey of information to help reduce your risk of attack when you enter THEIR HOME.

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