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Poetry Galore Poem of the Month

What Will You Find
Copyright K. Cathleen Lengyel - October 2000

What will you find ten years from now,
when you walk the shores by the sea?
An ocean teeming with bountiful life,
or just stories of what used to be?

Will your children's children see breaching fins,
skirting the surface and foam?
Or will they just read of these creatures that were,
who had the whole ocean to roam?

Can the fears of mankind be overcome,
to protect the most feared of all?
Or will sharks be allowed to just fade away,
is there no one who might heed this call?

Sadly it seems that many don't care,
while others just won't heed the cry,
To help save these creatures of power and grace,
who through finning and fishing will die.

Now is the time that we must choose to stand,
for the ones whose voice can't be heard;
Or these magical creatures will vanish one day,
 just memories without a last word.

I am so honored that this poem was chosen as Poem of the Month for January 2005 at Poetry Galore!

Poetry Galore Comments:

"Walking to a sea shore and thinking of sharks is trying to most of us, but Kat quells our fears with a compelling poem of conservation, and the stark reality of what may be without understanding and a desire to be one with nature."

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