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All of the graphics used here at the Shark Cove I created using Ulead PhotoImpact X3, unless otherwise noted.

Some photos used in the creation of these graphics are used with permission or have licenses for non-profit/personal use from photographers at the stock.xchng photo stock website.
This site is maintained using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Notepad++.

Red Triangle Map is a scan of a map of California that I own with graphics and text applied in order to show the approximate boundaries of the Red Triangle.

Under no circumstances may these images be taken or used without my express written consent.

Adoptable images, banners and link graphics created for and displayed by this site are yours to use on family safe sites and emails. However copyright of these graphics remains exclusively that of Shark Cove and K. Cathleen Lengyel respectively.

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Gallery Photographs: I have worked hard to acquire written (email) permission from photographers for use of their photos on my site. I thank each and every one of them. Without their wonderful work, I would have little to show in my gallery.

They are: Grey Lambert ~ John Petrak ~ Carl Roessler ~ David Harasti ~ Boattalk.com ~ Tom Haight ~


Many sources have been used to gain information for this site.
Amongst them books such as:

  • Sharks, Silent Hunters of the Deep ~ Ron and Valerie Taylor
  • The Little Guides: Sharks ~ published by: Weldon Owen Inc.
  • Shark: A Photographer's Story ~ Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch
  • Nature Company Guide to Sharks and Rays
  • Great White Shark ~ Richard Ellis and John E. McCosker
  • The Shark ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau


Also notes I have taken from various programs such as Discovery's Shark Week episodes and other shark related shows.

Although I have used these things as reference, I have not copied or plagiarized any information from these sources.

The scientific listing of names is considered to be "public domain" and free for usage.

Another great area for gaining information is utilizing various web sites dedicated to sharks, shark behavior and shark issues. Places such as Reef Quest, Discovery Online, Nova Online, and personal shark sites.

Finally, there is Shark-L. A fabulous and spirited email news group on sharks to which I belong. I have been able to discuss sharks and shark issues with various biologists, ecologists and fellow shark enthusiasts.

I thank each and every one of the many people who have helped me along the way. Willingness to provide information and point me in the right direction has been invaluable to me in creating and maintaining this site. ~Graceful Catshark~


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Graphic of a shark swimming in coral.
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