On September 11, 2001 many lives were changed.  A single act of terrorism extinguished countless lives.  Among them, the lives of Emergency Workers... Port Authority, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire and Rescue Workers and Medical Workers.  They had all answered "the call" little knowing that in the selfless process of trying to save lives, theirs would be taken.  This poem is dedicated to them and to all Emergency Workers everywhere.  We as the general public can not say "Thank You" to you enough.  On a side note, I find it interesting that the date of this terrible tragedy was: 9/11  ...

Code 3 - 911   "The Call"

Every time your pager sounds,
or radio brings the call;
You know that someone's life has changed,
you go assist them all.

You do your duties, do your job,
thankless though it seems;
Because your heart is giving,
and you're following your dreams.

Danger's ever present,
though the fears you push away;
Your gentle spirit led you here,
to help someone today.

You've heard it time and time again,
"One call can change it all;"
Still you answer every one,
standing proud and tall.

Your courage never failing,
a heart beyond compare;
When this solemn call came in,
You responded You were there.

How could you have known?
How could you foresee?
That helping those in need today,
would be your destiny.

Unselfishly you gave your life,
as lives you tried to save;
Faces though you did not know,
your life for them you gave.

With Love, appreciation and thanks,
K. Cathleen Lengyel
Email: breachingfin @ gmail. com

I am proud to have this poem listed at USA Patriotism.
 USA Patriotism Contributor

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