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Shark Art


Shark Cartoon by Tony Auth

A BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Tony Auth for granting me permission to display his wonderful cartoon on my site! This appeared in the: 22 August 2001 Edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

black and white sketch of a catshark
A Graceful Catshark sketch done by me. February 2001

In Basic Anatomy is a simple graphite sketch of a shark I did in Jan 2005.

In Gallery Four is a simple graphite sketch of a common Sawshark.

In Gallery Six is a colored pencil sketch done of a Graceful Catshark I did in May 2000.

Do you have any Sharky Art you'd like to share?
Send it in and I'll post it here!

Just email: catsharks.sharkcove @ gmail.com

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from stealing the email address from the webpage.)

*If you are under the age of 14..... I MUST have your parents consent! Your parents may email me and I will request information to obtain written permission from them in order to allow you to send and me to post your art.

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Graphic of a shark swimming in coral.
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