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About Graceful Catshark


photo of Cat with her daughter Emily

Hello, I am Cathleen also called "Cat" and here better known as "Graceful Catshark." First and foremost I am a wife, mother, epilepsy advocate and website designer.  I am also a shark enthusiast. 

But I haven't always been...   

Years ago I was perfectly happy with my fear of sharks. My fears were based on the fears of others, especially media coverage which always seemed to be negative towards sharks. Then came the movie, "Jaws." That sealed it! Sharks were undoubtedly mindless monsters, man killers who seek out humans in the ocean.

Then I met Andrea...

One day I received a letter from one of my best friends, Robin. She said she recently gained a pen pal who sounded so much like me she wanted to introduce us. Thus the letters between us began.   Andrea was just like me with one tiny difference... her favorite thing in the world is the Great White Shark.  I thought she was nuts!

Little did I know how meeting Andrea would change my life and views.

Over time, Andrea shared her love and enthusiasm of sharks with me. She encouraged me (to the point of bugging me) to watch "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel which I did only to appease her.  Watching the shows, reading books and learning from Andrea suddenly melted away all those fears I had instilled so deep. I began to fall in love with these beautiful creatures! 


I grew up a Midwesterner who always dreamed of the ocean. Then in August 1999, Andrea  gave me a most wondrous gift. She invited me to the west coast. Fittingly my dearest friend who continues to teach me about sharks was the one who first introduced me to
the ocean.   As I stood there in the surf I could feel the energy of the sea. It was the most incredible experience of my life!   

As a result of my new found knowledge I decided to create a website to share everything
I was learning.  I want to help spread the word about the importance of sharks and the truths verses the myths.  Thus Catshark's Shark Cove was born! 

There have been many changes since that first site on homestead.  From graphic design, expansion of information to domain and hosting changes.  Yet one thing has always remained the same, my desire to share relevant and accurate information about these wonderful creatures.

Thank you for taking time to drop by and learn a little more about me and my love of sharks.  I hope you enjoy your stay and come back often.

Feel free to drop by my website design business site: Breaching Fin Graphics

 Cat Lengyel
~Graceful Catshark~  
My great white shark tattoo.
Above is a picture of my Great White Shark tattoo.
It's on my upper left arm.


Graceful Catshark photo.
Above image is a very rare photo of a Graceful Catshark, my favorite shark.  It was a gift to me from a marine biologist who came across my website several years ago.  He knew how badly I wished to see a picture and remembered having one in his files.  He emailed it to me and also gave me permission to display it on my website. Unknown to him, he emailed me this photo on my birthday!  What a gift it was to finally see an actual photo of a Graceful Catshark!

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Graphic of a shark swimming in coral.
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